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Friday, September 17, 2004

The Book of Enoch:

200 angels called "The Watchers" (transl. by Professor R.H. Charles, 1st trans), 1912.-
(They could also be called "The Awaken Ones" or Those who Sleep not", as many people believe clestial beings to be sleepless)
Turned one day against God, by proving themselves vulnerable to human passions.
-This reminds of a Persian myth that tells of demons who corrupted the earth and married human women. This , of course, taking place before Zoraster made his appearnce and introduced monotheism.
Enoch claimed that he had never traced the origin of evil.

-The original sin, he seems to believe, was already in the universe long before these angels misbehaved with human women. Satan was notirious at the time as the ruler of a nation of smaller Satans, or, Hell.
Milton (without acknowledgement of Enoc's book) implies that Hell began after the watchers fell.
-Enoch's narrative is the account of a revolt in Heaven.
-SEMJAZA (the leader of the Watchers)

-They descended to the peak of Mount Hermon on the earth (the trip lasted nine days)
-the children were 3,000 ells tall.

-AZAZEL (one of the Watchers)
Referred to by Enoch as chief of the bad angels.
He taught mankind to work metal and make weapons "and bracelets, ornaments and the use of animony)... probably for cosmetics, as Afghans do today., and theh beautifying of eyelids, and all kind of costly stones and all coloring tinctures.


-enchantments, root cuttings.......Semjaza
-resolving of enchantments ...... Armaros or Airmoros
-astrology............ Baraqijal or Baraqyal
-knowledge of clouds......... Ezequiel or Ezeqeel
-signs of the earth ........Araqiel or Araqil
-the course of the moon........ Sariel

Up there were 4 angels:

They heard the cries (men perished, they cried , and their cry went up to Heaven).

-God answered to their demands:
-One of his first acts: to send URIEL witha warning to Noah, the grandson of Enoch, telling him of a coming deluge and advising him to build an ark.

- As for the rebel angels, the Lord commanded His good and trusted angel RAPHAEL to bind the leader Watcher AZAZEL hand and foot and to cast him, through an opening in the desert,into darkness . ( "And cover his face that he may not see light. And on theh day of the judgement he shall be cast into the fire")

-After this, RAPHAEL was comanded to heal the earth and to proclaim that this was done "that all the children of men may not perish through all the secret things that the Watchers have disclosed and have taught their sons".

-He did give fresh orders to GABRIEL: "Destroy the children of the Watchers from amongst men. Send them one against theother that they may destroy each other in battle.

-MICHAEL was then told to tie up SEMJAZA and his associates in crime and froce them to witness their sons killing each other. After all the children were dead, the Watchers were to be held prisoner forever in the valeys of the earth (at least till the day of their judgment)

-The Watchers then turned to Enoch and asked him to intercede for them with God, freely admitting they were afraid to go to Him, personally.
-The Lord said to Enoch that He had read the petitions and the answer was "No".


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